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Is Sheryl Crow Gay? Supports the LGBTQ Community

Sheryl Crow is an incredibly famous American vocalist who sings songs she writes. She was born on February 11, 1962. Her music genre includes rock, pop, country, folk and blues.

Most of her fans like to know more about her personal life. There is a query that keeps coming up, which is often requested by many: Is Sheryl Crow gay?

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Is Sheryl Crow Gay? (Dated Some Very Famous Men in The Past)

Sheryl Crow has dated some very famous men in the past, like Eric Clapton, Owen Wilson, and Lance Armstrong. She has never said publicly that she is gay. 

However, it’s important to remember that a person’s sexual orientation is a private matter. Unless Sheryl Crow chooses to talk about it openly, we can’t really know for sure.

A person’s sexuality is their own business. It’s not something others can decide or know about unless that person shares that information themselves. 

Sheryl Crow hasn’t talked about her sexual orientation, so we shouldn’t make assumptions or spread rumors about it. The best thing is to respect her privacy on this personal matter.

Speculation about Sheryl Crow’s Sexuality

For a long time, people have been wondering if she is gay or not. This is because she has always been a big supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and the LGBTQ+ community. 

However, there is no proof that Sheryl Crow herself is gay. In her life, she has only dated men who are also famous people.

Sheryl Crow’s music shows how much she supports the gay community. She performed at a special concert called “Love Rising,” which was meant to help LGBTQ organizations in Tennessee. 

The concert happened in Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena on March 20, 2023. Other artists like Maren Morris, Jason Isbell, Haley Williams, Brothers Osborne, and Jake Wesley Rogers also performed.

On social media, fans have been talking about whether Sheryl Crow is gay or not. Some people have been joking about it, while others have said that she is a gay icon. But it’s important to remember that her sexuality is private, and she has not said anything to confirm or deny these rumors.

Some of Sheryl Crow’s songs have made fans curious about her sexuality. For example, her first album had a song called “What Can I Do for You,” which was about sexual harassment. Some listeners thought it was a lesbian song, but in a 1993 interview, Crow said that while some women thought it was, most men understood the real message.

In her personal life, Sheryl Crow has dated famous men, like actor Owen Wilson and musician Eric Clapton. Even with all the rumors and talks, she keeps her focus on her music career and her work to support LGBTQ+ rights. Her sexuality remains a private matter.

Sheryl Crow Dating Past (1988-2011)

Sheryl Crow Dating Past

Sheryl Crow once talked openly about her dating life in an interview in July 2014. She admitted that there was a pattern with her past relationships, and she always ended up feeling smaller. She said:

“I always dated very successful guys. You would think that would make us equal. But what happened was that one of us became less important – and it was always me.”

Eric Clapton (1998)

Sheryl had a short romance with the very famous musician Eric Clapton. Fans thought that her hit song “My Favorite Mistake” was about him, but she never confirmed it. They are still good friends.

Owen Wilson (Late ’90s)

Sheryl and the actor Owen Wilson dated for about two years. Their connection even inspired her song “Safe and Sound.”

Josh Charles (2003)

Sheryl had a short fling with the actor Josh Charles, but it didn’t turn into a lasting relationship.

Lance Armstrong (2003-2006)

The cyclist Lance Armstrong won Sheryl’s heart, and they got engaged after dating for two years. Sadly, their engagement ended less than a year later.

Ryan Seacrest and Hank Azaria (2006)

There were rumors that Sheryl had brief flings with the TV host Ryan Seacrest and the actor Hank Azaria.

Steven Bing (2007-2008)

Sheryl was in a relationship with the producer Steven Bing during this time.

Doyle Bramhall II (2011)

Sheryl’s last public relationship was with her longtime friend and producer Doyle Bramhall II, who helped her with her album “100 Miles from Memphis.

Sheryl Crow’s Remarks about Being Unmarried

The pop star Sheryl Crow has been engaged to get married three times. In an interview in 2008, she reportedly said that the reason she is not married is that she chooses people who do not want to commit to marriage. 

During an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” in May 2022, Crow joked that the main reason why she is not married at age 60 is because she is “too hot.”

Has Sheryl Crow Ever Addressed Rumors About Her Sexuality in Interviews

Sheryl Crow, yes, has spoken about her sexual life in interviews. But once again, she said that she was heterosexual. In the past, she has had male lovers and never shown anything otherwise. While narrating her audiobook memoir “Words + Music” that came out in September, she recalls being continuously harassed during a tour with Michael Jackson. Nonetheless, this does not mean that she is not straight, as she puts it straight.

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