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Is Justin Gatlin Gay? Some Rumors Around Him Begin

Justin Gatlin is an illustrious, at times controversial, retired American sprinter. He has had an outstanding career as a very successful athlete. In 2004, he won the 100-meter Olympic gold medal and captured the World Championship title in 2005 and 2017 over the same distance. 

Additionally, Gatlin has won five medals at the Olympics and twelve at the World Championships, including two golds in 2005 (200m) and 2019 (4x100m). 

This article attempts to answer one question: is Justin Gatlin gay? We can clarify this matter through his public statements, social media presence, and how these rumors started.

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Is Justin Gatlin Gay?


Justin Gatlin is not gay. He likes women. This means he is straight. Justin is married to a woman named Daynise Gatlin. They have a little boy together. Their son’s name is Jace Alexander Gatlin.

It’s essential to trust good information about people. Some news can be wrong or made up. When we believe wrong news, it can make people think things that aren’t true. This can hurt the person we’re talking about.

Are There Any Recent Controversies Involving Justin Gatlin?

Justin Gatlin has been in some trouble lately:

  1. People said he cheated: In 2017, some people wrote in a newspaper that Gatlin’s team offered to give him bad drugs to make him run faster. This is not allowed. Gatlin said this wasn’t true. But he had to fire his coach because of this.
  1. He used bad drugs before Gatlin got in trouble for using bad drugs two times before. He couldn’t run in races for 1 year in 2001 and 4 years in 2006. Many people don’t like him because of this.
  1. He doesn’t get along with Tyson Gay: Tyson Gay is another fast runner. He and Gatlin don’t like each other very much. This is because Gay also used bad drugs once. When this happened, Gatlin’s team lost a silver medal they won together. But Gatlin said he forgave Gay. This made some people upset.

Justin Gatlin Dating Timeline


Here are the women he has been with:

  1. Denise Howard (2006-2008): Justin dated Denise Howard from 2006 to 2008. She was a model. They kept their relationship very private. We don’t know much about their time together.
  1. Monique Hennagan (2009-2010): Justin was with Monique Hennagan around 2009 and 2010. She is a runner like Justin. She won two gold medals in the Olympics. We don’t know much about their time together either.
  1. Daynise Gatlin (2016-now): Justin is married to Daynise Gatlin. They have been together for many years. They have a little boy named Jace. Justin and Daynise don’t like to be in the news much. They prefer to spend time with their family away from other people.


What are Justin Gatlin’s big wins?

Justin Gatlin is a runner from America who doesn’t run anymore. He won many races:

1. In 2004, he won a gold medal at the Olympics in the 100-meter race.
2. He won the 100-meter race at the World Championships two times, in 2005 and 2017.
3. He also won the 60-meter race at the World Indoor Championships two times, in 2003 and 2012.

Did Gatlin get in trouble for using bad drugs?

Yes, Gatlin got in trouble for using things that runners are not allowed to use:

1. In 2001, he couldn’t run for one year because he used a drug called amphetamines.
2. In 2006, he couldn’t run for four years because he used a drug called testosterone. They also took away his world record time of 9.77 seconds in the 100-meter race.

How fast can Gatlin run?

Gatlin’s fastest time in the 100-meter race is 9.74 seconds. This makes him the fifth-fastest man ever in this race. He also won a big contest called the Diamond League three times, which no one else has done.

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