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Is Christian Pulisic Gay? A News Lead to Rumors Around Him

Christian Pulisic is a very good soccer player from North America. He plays as a winger or attacking midfielder. He started playing pro soccer for Borussia Dortmund in Germany when he was only 17. Many people think he’s one of the best North American soccer players ever.

Some people are curious about Christian Pulisic’s private life. 

Quick Facts of Christian Pulisic

Full NameChristian Mate Pulišić
NicknameManni, Captain America
BornSeptember 18, 1998
Place of BirthHershey, Pennsylvania
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.72m)
Strong FootRight
Shoe Size8.5
Weight63 kg (140 lbs)
EducationHershey High School
ParentsMark Pulisic (father), Kelley Pulisic (mother)
SiblingsDee Dee Pulisic
Net Worth$10 million
OccupationFootball/Soccer Player
Current TeamChelsea FC
Jersey Number22
PositionWinger/Attacking midfielder
Zodiac SignVirgo

Is Christian Pulisic Gay?


Christian Pulisic is not gay. He has had two girlfriends that we know about. His first girlfriend was named Natalie Burkholder. She supported him when they were together. Now, it looks like he is dating Alexa Melton. She is a golf player. 

Right now, there’s nothing that says Christian Pulisic is gay. He seems to like girls.

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Why Gay Rumors Around Him Begin?

People thought Christian Pulisic was gay because of a story they read wrong. The story was on ESPN in 2019. It was about a soccer player who said he was gay. The player didn’t give his name.

Some people thought it was about Pulisic because some things seemed the same. Like being born in Pennsylvania, playing for a big team in Europe, and having a German passport. But the player in the story was 27 years old. Pulisic was only 20 in 2019.

Also, the story said the player had a girlfriend who helped him when he said he was gay. But in 2020, Pulisic told GQ magazine he didn’t have a girlfriend. This shows the ESPN story wasn’t about Pulisic.

So, people thinking Pulisic was gay was a mistake. They guessed wrong about the story. There was no real proof that Pulisic was gay.

Christian Pulisic Dating Timeline


Christian Pulisic has had two girlfriends that we know about:

  1. Natalie Burkholder: She was Christian’s girlfriend before. People saw them together in public. They also posted pictures of each other on social media accounts.
  1. Alexa Melton: Now, it seems Christian is dating Alexa Melton. She plays golf for a job. They made a video together on TikTok. This made people think they might be a couple. Alexa plays in golf games called the LPGA’s Epson Tour.
Christian Pulisic seems to be dating golfer Alexa Melton
byu/QuailRepulsive1495 inussoccer

It’s important to know that famous people like to keep some things private. Just because we see them with someone doesn’t always mean they are dating. We should respect their privacy.

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Who is Christian Pulisic’s girlfriend? 

Christian Pulisic might be dating Alexa Melton. She plays golf as her job. People have seen them together in pictures and videos on social media. They made some TikTok videos together, too.

What is Pulisic’s nickname?

People call Pulisic “Captain America”. He got this name because he’s really good at soccer. He can run fast with the ball, move around other players easily, and score goals.

Has Pulisic won any big games?

Yes, Pulisic has won some important soccer games. He played for a team called Chelsea. With Chelsea, he won two big contests:

1. The UEFA Champions League in 2020-2021
2. The UEFA Super Cup in 2021 These are very important games in soccer, and winning them is a big deal.

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