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Is KAYKO Gay? Forums Leads To Lot Of Tales

An American singer-songwriter living in Nashville, Tennessee is Kayko with his real name being Samuel Kelly Cohen. His unique blend of alternative pop music is called “Making Happy Songs out of Sad Words.”

Winner of the 22nd season of American Idol, he has been praised for his emotional performances and moving storytelling. At present, we will find out “Is KAYKO Gay From American Idol.”

KAYKO (Samuel Kelly-Cohen) Personal Details

NameKyako (Samuel Kelly-Cohen)
LocationNashville, Tennessee
GenreAlternative Pop/Rock
Notable Song“Crash and Burn”
Streaming StatsOver 400K streams on Spotify
Personal JourneyCoping with the loss of his mother in 2019 through music, struggles with cognitive dissonance
American IdolContestant on Season 22, rumored to have secured a place in the semi-finals
CollaborationsA songwriter at The Songhouse collaborates with other Idol alums and contestants
Upcoming PlansNo specific information available about future plans
Airing ScheduleNew episodes of American Idol Season 22 air on ABC every Sunday at 8 pm ET



Is KAYKO Gay? No, Kayko isn’t gay. Therefore, it’s important to rely on credible sources for accurate information regarding one’s sexual orientation. However, we will keep updating you as soon as more information about his life becomes available.

Why Is KAYKO’s Sexual Orientation Being Rumored About?

Given what some individuals have come across on the internet, there has been a lot of talk and speculation concerning Kayko’s sexual orientation. These range from discussions about his interactions with Evan Rachel Wood in a forum who is an actress and singer.

The type of comments that they posted for one another, such as “Take me” and “I was planning on it,” indicated that many thought they might be more than simply friends. What people have said about Evan’s previous relationships and her preferences caused them to wonder about Kayko’s sexual orientation, too.

These guesses are now more widespread because Kayko himself hasn’t really said whether he’s gay or not. This has accounted for all the online talks as well as how people view their friendship with Evan Rachel Wood which therefore made people assume things and gossip about Kayko’s personal life.

Consequently, this has triggered more rumors regarding his sexual orientation. We should however be cautious when discussing these rumors to allow for privacy among individuals. We wait until Kayko feels ready enough to share any private information. However, remember that these reports are not based on reliable sources.

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Is KAYKO Dating Somebody?

Is KYAKO Dating Somebody

From our research, we have not been able to trace any reference that states Kyako having an affair with anyone in 2024. Furthermore, we will notify you once we get the news about his relationship timeline.


Does KAYKO have a girlfriend?

Well, that’s a mystery. He keeps his love life private, and that’s something to respect.

Where does KAYKO live and what’s his story?

He resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and his music revolves around his own life. His tagline, ‘Alt-Pop Music Boy that makes Happy Songs out of Sad Words,’ is pretty cool!

What type of music does KAYKO create?

He tackles real-life issues that people face every day, turning these thoughts into catchy tracks. It’s his way of expressing himself!

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