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Is Noah Lyles Gay? His Fashion Choices Leads to Tales

Noah Lyles, born July 18, 1997, is an American track and field sprinter who excels in the 100 and 200 metres. He’s a six-time World champion and won bronze in the 200m at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Lyles made history at the 2023 World Championships by winning the 100m, 200m, and 4 × 100m events, a feat not achieved since Usain Bolt in 2015. 

His personal bests are 9.83 seconds for the 100m and 19.31 seconds for the 200m, the latter being an American record. Recently, media attention has turned to Lyles’s personal life, with speculation about his sexual orientation and romantic relationships.

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Is Noah Lyles Gay?

is Noah Lyles gay

Noah Lyles is not gay. He has a girlfriend named Trishelle Leacock. They spend time together, but Lyles doesn’t talk much about their relationship in public. Lyles likes fashion and supports LGBTQ+ people, which made some people wonder about him. But his dating history shows he likes women. 

Besides running, Lyles enjoys music, art, video games, comics, anime, and fashion. He had asthma as a child but overcame it to become a great runner.

Why People Wonder About Lyles Runner Sexual Orientation?

There are some probable signs which lead to the speculation that Noah Lyles may be gay. These include his unique fashion choices and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

According to the sources, Lyles’ dressing style and voice of support for LGBTQ+ causes have caused others to make conclusions that he could be a homosexual without any solid proof or evidence.

It was reported that there were some unverified past dating stories about Lyles with a particular entrepreneur and a model called Trishelle Leacock, but this relationship was never confirmed officially.

Until recently, Lyles had no publicly fixed romantic relationship, which might have been used to speculate his sexuality.

Noah Lyles Dating timeline


Junelle Bromfield

Currently dating Lyles is Junelle, a Jamaican athlete. The couple were spotted together on the red carpet at the Zurich Diamond League. With a speciality in the 4x400m relay, she won a bronze medal in Tokyo Games 2020. 

She went further to win gold in the 2022 World Indoor Championships. She took silver in the 2022 World Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games of that year.

Trishelle Leacock

Trishelle is also known to have had an affair with Lyles for quite some time now. However, how they met has not been disclosed yet.

Noah Lyles And Junelle Bromfield Relationship Timeline 

Noah Lyles is dating Junelle Bromfield. She runs track for Jamaica. Here’s how their relationship grew:

2022: They started dating after being friends for six years. 

December 2022: They told everyone they were a couple at a big running event. 

August 2, 2023: Noah posted a picture with Junelle for Girlfriend Day. 

2023: Junelle gave Noah a blue Hyundai Genesis car. 

2023: They celebrated being together for one year.

Noah and Junelle help each other a lot. They run track and spend time together. They often show pictures of their life on social media.

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Who is Noah Lyles dating?

Noah Lyles is dating Junelle Bromfield. She’s a runner from Jamaica. They show pictures of themselves together online.

What country is Noah Lyles from?

Noah Lyles is from America. He runs for Team USA in big races since 2013.

Are Noah and Josephus Lyles twins?

No, they’re not twins. Josephus is Noah’s little brother. He’s one year younger. Both of them run fast for a job.

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