is Kirk Cousins gay?

Is Kirk Cousins Gay? Exploring NFL Quarterback’s Sexuality Rumors

NFL player Kirk Cousins has mostly stayed away from big-name talk during his time playing. But in recent months, quiet whispers about the Minnesota Vikings quarterback’s likings have been spreading online and in sports media. The whispers ask whether Cousins, who has been married for nearly ten years, could be keen on men. In this piece, we’ll look at the whispers about Cousins’ likings and the facts about his past romances.

The Whispers

Over the last few months, whispers have been going around about Kirk Cousins’ likings. The 34-year-old quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings has had people gossiping and wondering if he might be keen on men. However, there has been no real proof or words from Cousins himself about his likings.

The whispers seem to have started because Cousins has not had any publicly known romantic relationships or dating pasts. Since being picked by the Washington Commanders in 2012, the quarterback has kept his personal life very private, never being linked to any women in the media or social media.

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Don’t Guess

However, it’s important to remember that we shouldn’t guess someone’s liking based only on their relationship status or dating pasts. Many big names choose to keep this part of their lives out of the public eye for privacy.

Past Romances and Proof

While Kirk Cousins has not been publicly linked to any romantic partners recently, he was in a long-term romance with his now-wife Julie Hampton during his college years at Michigan State.

kirk cousins with Julie Hampton
kirk cousins with Julie Hampton

Cousins and Hampton met as students and started dating in 2006. Their romance lasted for years until they got engaged in 2013 and married in 2014 in a private ceremony in Georgia.

A Committed Marriage

The couple has since had two sons together, confirming that Cousins has been in a committed marriage with a woman for nearly ten years now. Family pictures and social media posts show a happy family life.

The Truth Stays Private

Unless Cousins himself decides to comment on or confirm the whispers about his likings, any gossip is just unproven talk. His marriage to Julie Hampton shows factual proof that he has been in a long-term romance with a woman in the past.

The NFL quarterback’s likings are a private matter. However, the whispers likely come from Cousins’ very private personal life rather than any real information about him being keen on men. Only he can ultimately confirm or deny the whispers going around.

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