is Luke Newton gay

Is Luke Newton Gay? The Truth About the Actor’s Sexuality

People are really curious about who celebs are dating or what their sexual orientation is. They want to know – is their favorite star going out with someone? Are they gay, straight or bisexual? Fans gossip and speculate about this stuff endlessly online. One actor who has people buzzing about his sexuality is Luke Newton.

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Luke Newton’s Rising Fame

Luke Newton has become a big rising star thanks to hit shows like Bridgerton and The Lodge. The 25-year-old British actor is super good-looking and magnetic on screen. This has earned him a huge fanbase. But many fans are guessing about Newton’s sexuality and love life.

Keeping Love Life Secret

So is Luke Newton gay? The actor hasn’t spoken publicly about his sexual orientation. Newton is very private when it comes to his personal relationships. In interviews, he avoids answering questions about who he’s dating or his sexuality.

Gay Rumors Swirling

Some LGBTQ blogs and entertainment sites have shared rumors that Newton is gay based on alleged sightings of him at gay clubs and events. However, there’s been no real proof of his sexuality from Newton himself or any reliable sources close to him.

is Luke Newton gay?

No Public Relationships Known

What we do know is Newton hasn’t been publicly linked to any recent girlfriends or boyfriends. He keeps that side completely out of the public eye. His social media also doesn’t reveal anything about his current dating life or sexual preferences.

Past Long-Term Girlfriend

However, Newton did date a woman long-term until around 2021. Reports say he was with a non-celebrity girlfriend for over 4 years before they split up amicably. This past relationship with a woman has added to the guessing about Newton’s sexuality.

Taking LGBTQ Roles

Some fans think Newton could be bisexual based on his taking LGBTQ roles. He played a gay character in the 2022 film The Labyrinth. In an interview, Newton said he aims to portray LGBTQ characters authentically and with care.

Sexuality Still A Mystery

Ultimately, unless Newton himself shares about his sexuality, it will remain unknown and just speculation. For now, fans can just appreciate his acting skills and look forward to his upcoming projects.

Keeping It Private

Newton will likely continue keeping his personal life completely private as his career keeps rising. The curiosity over whether this talented young star is gay or not seems set to carry on among his intrigued fanbase.

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