Is Steve Urkel Gay

Is Steve Urkel Gay? His High Voice Leads To Rumors

Steve Urkel was a fictional figure in the American sitcom Family Matters, played by Jaleel White. Originally meant to appear once, Urkel became the most-liked character on the show and eventually its lead role. As an icon of that era with his strange behavior, large eyeglasses, braces, and a voice that was high-pitched enough to seal his fate – everyone knew who Steve Urkel was. Even though he annoyed the family members of Winslow’s clan, he finally won their hearts over. but nowadays, people want to know, “Is Steve Urkel gay?”

Is Steve Urkel Gay? (Is Jaleel White Gay?)


Is Steve Urkel Gay? The show “Family Matters” does not depict Steve Urkel as gay. However, the show never delved into his sexuality as a gay person despite all the debate about his identity, especially in an episode called Dr Urkel and Mr Cool, where he said he was born this way. 

Best recognized for his eccentric and geeky persona in the situation comedy, Steve Urkel is a character who has been analyzed and debated. Still, the sitcom itself never directly addressed his homosexuality. moreover, Jaleel White is also not gay as he is married to Nicoletta Ruhl.

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Why Rumors Begin Around His Gender?

Rumors around Steve Urkel’s gender are inextricably linked to his character’s transformation, which is captivating. 

The 1990s TV show Family Matters featured an unforgettable nerd character called Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White. Steve was adored for his strange personality, thick eyeglasses, and high voice.

Nonetheless, using his science-driven contraptions, midway through the series, he changed from Stefan Urquelle, a smooth-talking dreamboat, to Laura Winslow, his childhood friend.

Stefan did not only look or behave like Steve; this made people wonder who they were dealing with.

How Did Jaleel White Respond to Rumors About Steve Urkel’s Gender?

Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkel (he has not addressed the gay rumors) in the sitcom “Family Matters,” has responded to rumors and debates about Steve Urkel’s gender and unique personality. In a 2011 interview with Vanity Fair, he set the record straight on past statements and gave his views concerning the character. 

He loved doing this character and other related ones but conceded that he was beginning to mature. 

He is shown that he was hindering his development into an adult male to preserve what he felt were genuine features of the character. White said that when asked if there would be a chance for him to play Steve Urkel again, he would never say never because it’s significant to build this portrait,l which will be irreverent and fun for themself plus the viewers.

Who Is Steve Urkel’s Wife?

Who Is Steve Urkel's Wife

The wife of Steve Urkel in Family Matters was Laura Winslow, portrayed by Kellie Shanygne Williams.

Steve Urkel’s love for Laura was unrequited throughout the show as he constantly attempted to gain her attention. Though they never got married on the show, their union was a central plotline, with Steve trying to impress and win Laura.


Is Steve Urkel gay?

The show “Family Matters” does not say whether Steve Urkel is gay or straight, though he has a crush on his neighbor Laura Winslow.

Did Steve Urkel ever have a romantic relationship?

Throughout the show, one can tell that Steve is in love with Laura Winslow. He kept pursuing her affection despite his awkwardness and nerdiness around her.

What happened to Steve Urkel’s character after the show ended?

Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkel on Family Matters, had difficulty trying to move away from the character. He admitted that his success as the character was suffocating, and it took him years to find himself again after Family Matters ended.

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