Is Natanael Cano Gay (1)

Is Natanael Cano Gay? Is Your Fave Singer Really Gay?

Natanael Ruben Cano Monge, who goes by Natanael Cano, is a Mexican rapper-musician-singer. This birth occurred on 27th March 2001 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Cano’s unique music style combines trap with regional Mexican corridos called corridos tumbados. Dan Sanchez first wrote the song Soy el Diablo, introducing his fans to an innovative new genre. Today, we will discover Natanael Cano’s sexuality.

Personal Details Of Natanael Cano

Full NameNatanael Ruben Cano Monge
Date of Birth27 March 2001
Place of BirthHermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
OccupationRapper, Musician, Singer
Active Years2016–present
GenresRegional Mexican corridos, Corridos tumbados, Hip hop, Latin trap, Urban reggaeton
InstrumentsGuitar, Vocals
LabelsRancho Humilde, Warner Latina, Los CT
ParentsMaria and Luis Cano
HobbiesSurfing, Swimming, Writing songs, Traveling, Photography, Riding bikes, Playing guitar
FacebookNatanael Cano
YouTube2.56M subscribers
Natanael CanoNet WorthEstimated around 7 million USD as of 20243

Is Natanael Cano Gay?

Is Natanael Cano Gay

Natanael Cano is not gay. But in the past, he has been linked to several girlfriends. In 2019, there were stories that he was dating a model named Andrea Escalona, who was in some of his music videos. Even though he hasn’t spoken about his sexuality, Natanael has said that he supports the LGBTQ community.

How Speculations About Natanael Cano As Gay Begins?

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Speculations about Natanael Cano’s sexual orientation as being homosexual emerged following a heated exchange between him and Ovi, another artist. During the argument, Ovi revealed that he had visual evidence showing personal moments between Cano and his supposed boyfriend. 

However, Cano responded by denying these charges because Ovi was insane. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that those rumors were never real but were perpetuated due to this clash. As of now, Cano has not yet confirmed or denied his sexuality in public; hence, one should rely on credited sources for authenticated news. We will update you when we have more info about his sexual orientation.

What Does Natanael Cano Have to Say About Gay Rumors?

Natanael Cano said these accusations were false. The singer explained that Ovi had made these allegations because of personal conflicts with him. He pointed out that this gossip is not real. 

It should be understood that Cano’s private life and relationships are no one else’s business. His dating status has never been confirmed publicly. Given his social media updates, some of his followers contend he may be in a relationship, but there is no confirmation.

Conclusively, Natanael Cano denied rumors about his homosexuality. We must understand people’s privacy and avoid making assumptions based on gossip or overblown happenings.

How Have Natanael Cano’s Family and Friends Responded to The Rumors?

Natanael Cano’s family and friends support and respect him despite the rumors and talk about his personal life. At a concert where Cano invited his family and friends, including Yahritza Martínez and her brothers, they said they admired him and that he inspires them. Cano’s mom even joined him on stage during a concert, showing their close and supportive relationship.

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Natanael Cano’s Past Relationships

Natanael Cano's Past Relationships

One of the rising stars in Latin American music today is Natanael Cano. His music combines country, corrido, and regional Mexicano into a unique fusion. Presently, he may be single. Moreover, there are no records of a relationship. 

Nonetheless, in 2020, there were reports about his romance with fellow Mexican artist Kimberly Loaiza. They took many pictures together, and his fans thought they were dating. However, both never admitted or denied anything related to that gossip. The same year saw Natanael Cano being associated with another singer Ana Bárbara.


What is the evidence that backs up these rumors?

Ovi said he has a video to prove Cano’s homosexuality, but he hasn’t released it.

Has Natanael Cano ever been linked to women before?

Yes, there was a rumor of him dating a model called Andrea Escalona in 2019.

How has Natanael Cano reacted to these rumors?

Currently, Natanael Cano has stayed away from the public regarding these allegations.

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