Was Richard Burton Bisexual

Was Richard Burton Bisexual? A Book Leads To Multiple Rumors

Richard Burton was born Richard Walter Jenkins Jr on 10th November 1925 and became a famous Welsh actor in his lifetime. He had a mellifluous bass voice and in the late 1950s, established himself as a formidable Shakespearean actor2. In this film, he performed Hamlet so well that it is remembered up to date3.

Although nominated for an Academy Award seven times, Burton never won one. Let us now go and see if Richard Burton was bisexual.

Richard Burton’s Personal Life Details

Full NameRichard Walter Jenkins Jr.
Birth Date10 November 1925
Birth PlacePontrhydyfen, Wales
Death Date5 August 1984
Death PlaceCéligny, Switzerland
Years Active1943–1984
SpousesSybil Williams (1949-1963), Elizabeth Taylor (1964-1974, 1975-1976), Suzy Miller (1976-1982), Sally Hay (1983-1984)
ChildrenKate and Jessica (with Sybil Williams), Elizabeth “Liza” Todd (adopted from Elizabeth Taylor), Maria (adopted with Elizabeth Taylor)

Was Richard Burton Bisexual?


There have been some rumors and claims about Richard Burton’s sexual orientation. A book states that Richard Burton, long seen as the most heterosexual of womanizing actors, had his sexual orientation questioned.

However, these are claims, and it’s important to note that the actor himself did not publicly identify as being gay or bisexual. It’s always best to respect individuals’ self-identified sexual orientations. Please note that this information is based on public sources and may not be entirely accurate or complete.

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Why People Think Richard Burton As Bisexual?

The speculations about Richard Burton’s sexual orientation seem to have come from a few different places:

Ian McShane’s interview

While interviewed, actor Ian McShane, who appeared with Burton in the 1971 UK criminals’ film “Villain,” narrates an incident. Burton played Wolfie, his bisexual driver fixer, in the film. There was a time when their characters were about to get intimate, and Burton told McShane that he resembled Elizabeth Taylor.

However, this scene was from a movie and might not necessarily imply that Burton was gay.

An Unauthorized Biography

Ellis Amburn wrote an unauthorized biography of Elizabeth Taylor called “The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, ” claiming that Burton had an affair with Sir Laurence Olivier. However, these allegations were refuted by members of the Burtons family.

Burton Speaking for Himself

Moreover, Burton himself once confessed to “trying” homosexuality and said that most actors were hiding their drinking habits homosexuality: “We cover it up with a drink.”

It is important to note here that these are conjectures as well as accusations; moreover, we do not know if Richard ever openly admitted that he was gay or bisexual. We should always remember people’s declared sexual preferences.

Any Words from Richard Brunton’s Family About These Rumors?

Burton’s family was furious when there were assertions about Burton’s sexuality in some unauthorized biography of Elizabeth Taylor. One of these statements came from his brother, Graham Jenkins, who said, “If Rich was a homosexual, then I’m a nun,” and that his brother was “the most heterosexual man most people had ever encountered.” 

It is essential to understand that these are rumors and allegations, and not once did Burton come out openly as gay or bisexual. It is always good to honor the sexual orientations that individuals assert for themselves.

Richard Burton’s Dating Timeline

Richard Burton's Dating Timeline
1949-1963Sybil WilliamsMarried, 2 daughters
1964-1974Elizabeth Taylor1st marriage
1974Princess Elizabeth of YugoslaviaEngaged
1975-1976Elizabeth Taylor2nd marriage
1976-1982Suzy MillerMarried
1983-1984Sally HayMarried until his death


Did Richard Burton play a character with a bisexual driver?

Yes, in a 1971 movie called ‘Villain’, Richard Burton played a role where his character had a driver who was bisexual.

Did Richard Burton have boyfriends?

Some people said that Richard Burton had boyfriends. But his family said that’s not true.

What did Richard Burton say about being gay?

Richard Burton once said that he tried being gay. He also said that he thought many actors were secretly gay.

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