Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay

Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay? History Of Playing LGBTQ Role

You might recognize Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry in the popular rom-com Red, White & Royal Blue on Prime Video. Fans couldn’t help but fall for his on-screen chemistry with co-star Taylor Zakhar Perez. This led some people to wonder if Galitzine is gay in real life.

Well, the simple answer is no. In interviews, Galitzine has made it clear that he’s straight. However, that hasn’t stopped him from playing LGBTQ+ characters in his acting career. 

It just goes to show his talent and dedication to his craft. He’s able to bring these roles to life authentically yet of his sexuality.

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Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay?

Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay

About Nicholas Galitzine’s sexual orientation, we are unsure, although some hints tell us he is not gay. In July 2019, he let the cat out of the bag during an interview with Wonderland Magazine about acting. 

It turned out that there was one particular girl whom he fell for while at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and went there specifically to win her heart. 

However, instead, he started loving acting after watching some wonderful performances.

So, in terms of those details, Nicholas might not be homosexual. At best bi-sexual, but frankly speaking, this has never been declared by him to anyone in public. 

And since he has shown some LGBTQ+ characters so convincingly, a few assume that he is gay. Meanwhile, this remains mere speculation because only from Nicholas himself have these facts been heard a matter of factly.

Also, In an interview with Variety in August 2023, Nicholas Galitzine talked openly about his sexual orientation. He shared how he came to play the character Henry despite their different sexualities.

“It’s a sensitive topic,” he said. “I wanted Matthew to know that I appreciated who Henry was. I felt for him as a character and aimed to give a genuine performance, not some exaggerated version.”

Galitzine explained how they both worked to create a complex, relatable character within the lively world of “Red, White & Royal Blue.” 

He admitted feeling a bit nervous but hoped fans would relish his efforts. “I put a lot of effort into making Henry feel realistic and complex,” he said. “That’s all I have to give.”

So basically, he wanted to make sure Henry felt like a real person despite the challenges.

Why Do People Think of Nicholas Galitzine As Gay?

Why Do People Think of Nicholas Galitzine as Gay

Galitzine, who usually plays straight roles, has supported the LGBTQ community despite being straight. In interviews, he’s talked about playing gay characters. Like in “Handsome Devil,” he played a role in finding yourself and dealing with society’s pressures.

He wants people to see beyond just the surface of his characters. He hopes his work, especially in “Handsome Devil,” can help LGBTQ+ teens be true to themselves.

He mentioned how the movie coincided with Ireland’s voting on gay marriage. This shows how crucial it is to tell stories authentically.

Galitzine also talked about how people often have romantic ideas about actors. He thinks it’s essential for actors to be real and honest, not just seen as their roles.

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What Is the Current Status of Nicholas Galitzine’s Relationship?

As it appears to the public, Nicholas Galitzine is not in a relationship but for some personal reasons, as he wants his relationships private or disrupted by the extensive traveling that comes with his career.

Notwithstanding the gossip about him and girls, nothing specific has been said about him having a girlfriend. Before that, there were rumors that he was dating Lilli Kay – one of his colleagues from the Chambers series who neither confirmed nor denied those rumors. 

His love life is something Nicholas Galitzine keeps out of the spotlight, and even though they are curious about his girlfriends from time to time, he seems to prefer to keep silent about his private matters.

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