Was Prince Gay

Was Prince Gay? What Is His Gender?

Prince was a famous American artist who won 7 Grammy Awards and made 40 albums with timeless songs. Aside from singing, he also featured in four films. His true name was Prince Rogers Nelson, and unfortunately, he died in 2016 at 57.

He had countless hit songs that characterized his time. People liked his meaningful lyrics, melodies stuck in their heads, and smooth voice. Still, despite this fame, there were certain things about him that fans didn’t know.

One major issue for some fans was whether he was gay or not. Did Prince ever come out publicly as gay or bisexual? The fact is that Prince was straight, although there were a few unfounded claims against him.

So why would anyone think he was gay if he wasn’t? Let’s take a closer look at “Prince to find out “Was Prince Gay?”

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Was Prince Gay?

People were always curious about Prince’s love life because of his unique style and controversial statements. Once, he talked about gay marriage and abortion in an interview with Claire Hoffman, a writer from New York.

He said he thought God wasn’t pleased with how people lived, doing whatever they pleased. This upset many of his gay fans, who felt he’d abandoned them and labeled him a homophobe.

Instead of defending himself, Prince stayed quiet. At the same time, his friends spoke up for him, saying he just wanted to bring balance to the conversation about marriage.

Despite being linked with many women in the past, some still speculated about his sexuality. But from what’s known, he’s a straight guy who’s all about creativity in his music.

Uncertainty and Claims of Homophobia About Prince

Prince, known as a big deal in the LGBTQ+ world, kind of stepped back from those labels later on. Like, in 2001, he got into being a Jehovah’s Witness, which was kind of puzzling because that religion isn’t excellent with same-sex stuff.

Then, in 2008, he made a remark that made folks think he was against same-sex relationships. He said, “God saw people doing their thing all over the place and just cleaned house. He was like, ‘enough’.”

But no matter what, Prince left his mark on many folks, especially artists dealing with their sexuality, like Frank Ocean, who paid tribute to him after Prince passed away in 2016. Ocean said Prince helped him feel more okay about being open about his sexuality. Here’s some of what Ocean wrote on Tumblr in honour of Prince.

“He was a straight black man who played his first televised set in bikini bottoms and knee-high heeled boots, epic. He made me feel more comfortable with how I identify sexually simply by his display of freedom from and irreverence for obviously archaic ideas like gender conformity.”

Some People Speculated that Prince Was Gender Fluid or Queer

Prince was considered gender fluid because he combined sexuality with his music. It is also revealed through his dress code and lifestyle. This created a platform for queer and nonbinary individuals in America to express themselves as well as normalize gender fluidity. It also encouraged other LGBTQI+ members to be proud of their sexual orientation.

Moreover, the lyrics of his songs were seen by many as supporting evidence for this claim of genders being fluid. For instance, in the 1984 movie Purple Rain, Prince sang “I Would Die For You” with a line often thought of as sexually ambiguous. Some even argued that he had referred to himself as “neither” in the verse, declaring, “I am not a woman, I am not a man; I am something you will never understand.”

This led many who have ever wondered about his sexual orientation to call him sexless. In 1993, Prince also adopted an unnamed symbol consisting of male and female symbols combined. At this time, He was regarded as gay and supported the LGBT community.

What Was the Prince’s Stance on Gender Identity?

Prince had some ideas on gender identity that were sort of out there. He didn’t just like men or women; he was open to experiencing everything in between. This was reflected in his outfit choices, songs, and the way he viewed himself – he called himself ‘gender-fluid’.

Every aspect of Prince’s life, from his fashion to his compositions, challenged conventional wisdom about masculinity and femininity. He was so captivating that he could not be easily put in a defined box.

It is worth mentioning that different versions have been given regarding what Prince thought. His friend said she once told her to stop calling herself a lesbian. Nonetheless, the general effect he had continues to be talked about. Some people believe that through his music and message, he rejected traditional categorizations, going beyond straight or gay boundaries.

Married Life Of Musician Prince

Married Life Of Musician Prince

Prince has been married twice. In 1996, Prince met his first wife, Mayte Garcia, when she was sixteen. She became pregnant shortly after.

He also said to ET that the pregnancy made him feel differently about women.

Unfortunately, their son died just after a week of being born. That sorrow and other causes led them to a divorce in 1998.

In 2001, Prince entered into another marriage with Manuela Testolini. The relationship did not last too long until they separated, following Manuela’s application for divorce in 2006.

Prince had many girlfriends throughout his life, including Susan Moonsie, Vanity, Sheila E., and big names such as Kim Basinger and Madonna. It is because of his flamboyant love life that there were constant speculations about his being gay. At least there is some proof that he was straight since he had two marriages.

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