Is Rico to The Rescue Gay

Is Rico to The Rescue Gay? A person With A Lot of Interest

Rico León, a successful real estate agent, restoration expert, and the charming host of HGTV’s “Rico to the Rescue,” has found his place in Denver, far from his East Coast roots. 

His journey began short when his car broke down there back in 2018. Rico is praised for his loyalty to supporting families facing construction challenges and turning around troubled renovation projects. 

As HGTV’s first Latino host, Rico brings a fresh view, aiming to foster contracts between contractors and homeowners through his vast contracting knowledge. 

While some may wonder about Rico’s life due to his single status, let’s find out “Is Rico to The Rescue Gay?”

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Is Rico to The Rescue Gay?

Who is Rico to The Rescue

Rico keeps his real-life love life private. Although there have been suggestions about him being in a relationship, he doesn’t openly discuss who he’s dating. 

Rico hasn’t publicly said if he’s gay or straight. Unless he says otherwise, his romantic preference is his own business. 

According to different sources, this is the accurate information we have. We will update you as we get more information on him.

Who Is Rico to The Rescue Girlfriend?

Currently, Rico León is single and not married. Rico is known for keeping his personal life private and hasn’t shared any information about a spouse, even if he has one. Although he has hinted at a past relationship, he prefers to maintain privacy on romantic matters.

However, some of his Instagram posts suggest that he has a special someone in his life who likes to spoil her all year.

According to the sources, he also posted a photo with a woman he described as his “best friend” on Valentine’s Day 2022. It is not apparent whether she is still his girlfriend or another friend.

Until Rico decides to share more, his marital status will remain unknown. He hasn’t revealed any plans to get married. Many fans of Rico to the Rescue are curious about Rico León’s marital status. The answer to this question is that he is currently unmarried. 

Who is Rico to The Rescue?

Rico León hosts “Rico to the Rescue” on HGTV, centered in Denver and focusing on “fix-it” jobs. He intervenes in construction projects that have stalled out, resolves disputes between contractors and homeowners, and helps families in need. 

As the first Latino host on HGTV, Rico brings diversity to the network and proudly exhibits his Puerto Rican heritage. 

He comes from a background in building and real estate development, where he aims to enlighten house owners about dealings with renovators or even resolving renovation issues. 

His involvement with bad contractors and experience as a homeowner struggling through construction difficulties inspire him to help others by providing solutions. 

Moreover, he participates in community-based initiatives like podcast hosting or supporting institutions like the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Apart from television work, Rico also contributes to charity by aiding horse rescues and talking against animal cruelty.

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