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Is Nick Swardson Gay? Exploring the Comedian’s Sexuality and Rumors

For a long time, there have been many rumors and guesses about whether funny man Nick Swardson likes men or women. The 46-year-old joke-teller has never directly answered the many questions about who he wants to date, leaving fans to make their ideas based on his comedy shows and who he has dated. Let’s look at what we know.

His Comedy Shows

Much of the interest and talk about Swardson’s likes comes from his wild comedy shows. He has done a job of playing very big characters that act like common thoughts of gay people to make people laugh. However, Swardson has firmly said his comedy is just making fun of super manly men rather than having any connection to who he wants to date.

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Who He Has Dated

While very private about his dating life, Swardson has been publicly seen with a few women over the years. In the late 2000s, he had a well-known dating relationship with makeup business lady Aubrey O’Day that got a lot of attention. More recently in 2021, he was spotted getting close with model Brittney Palmer in Malibu, making people think they were dating. That being said, Swardson has never been seen taking a boyfriend or husband to a public event.

His Take On The Rumors 

For someone so well-known for his uncensored comedy shows, Swardson has been very quiet when it comes to directly talking about his likes and the rumors that he wants to date men. In the rare times he has been asked directly about it, he has deflected with a quick joke or changed the topic entirely. Some think this silence means he simply wants to keep that part of his life private, while others take it as a secret admission that the gay rumors are true.


At the end of the day, only Nick Swardson himself knows the truth about who he wants to date. Despite widespread rumors and guesses that he likes men based on his comedy shows and dating patterns, he has not yet publicly confirmed or denied it. Until he chooses to be more open on the topic, his dating will remain one of Hollywood’s biggest ongoing mysteries.


Has Nick Swardson ever dated a man publicly?

No, Nick Swardson has never been seen publicly dating or being in a relationship with a man. He has only been linked to women like Aubrey O’Day and Brittney Palmer in the past.

Why does Nick Swardson play over-the-top gay characters in his comedy?

While Nick Swardson’s comedy often features flamboyant, stereotypical gay characters, he has said this is just him making fun of macho, hyper-masculine men rather than having any connection to his sexual orientation.

Has Nick Swardson ever directly addressed whether he is gay or straight?

No, Nick Swardson has avoided directly addressing the recurring rumors and questions about his sexuality. When asked, he typically deflects with a joke or changes the subject entirely, preferring to keep that part of his life private.

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