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Jessica Gunning Weight loss (Does She Lose or Gain Weight)

Jessica Gunning is this excellent English actress and writer, born on January 1, 1986, in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England, UK. You might have seen her in some fantastic TV shows and movies like “Pride” (2014), “Back” (2017), and “Baby Reindeer” (2024). She’s done a bunch of other stuff, too, like being on “Doctor Who,” “Prime Suspect 1973,” and “Fortitude.”

After graduating from Rose Bruford College in 2007, she’s been killing it on stage and screen. This article has compiled everything you need to know about how she dropped or gained weight.

Jessica Gunning’s Personal Life

Full NameJessica Gunning
Date of Birth1 January 1986
Place of BirthHolmfirth, West Yorkshire, England
EducationHolmfirth High School near Huddersfield, Rose Bruford College (Graduated in 2007)
CareerEnglish television and theatre actress
Notable RolesWhite Heat (2012), What Remains (2013), Back (2017–2021), Baby Reindeer (2024)
FriendshipsGood friends with Richard Gadd

Why Did Jessica Gunning Gain Weight?

Like many actors, Jessica Gunning’s weight may fluctuate for various reasons, including roles or personal life. In the BBC drama “What Remains,” she played a character who struggled with weight issues. moreover, we will update you on her as we have more info.

How Did Jessica Gunning Lose Weight? Has She Undergone Surgery Or Struggled with It?

How Did Jessica Gunning Lose Weight

Jessica Gunning has struggled with weight issues in real life. For her Netflix series “Baby Reindeer,” Jessica Gunning had to lose weight. Richard Gadd was not left behind either because he lost weight for his role in this same movie, and it had to be similar to what he weighed during the peak of his actual stalking incident. 

Thus, according to some sources, she also decided to lose weight before taking up this character after Richard’s episode and underwent surgery. However, these are personal details on how she shed this weight that is not open to the public yet. Remember that professionals who can guarantee health and welfare must perform significant body mass alterations, particularly for acting purposes.

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Jessica Gunning’s Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Jessica Gunning has not extensively documented her journey towards weight loss nor revealed details of her diet. Nevertheless, her website, ‘Gunning 4 Fitness,’ offers information on her nutrition and fitness approach. In the quest to reduce fatness, Gunning emphasizes the importance of monitoring calories and macros concerning a 30-35-35% macro split in terms of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 

She also champions a balanced diet encompassing all macronutrients to demystify misconceptions about protein, fat, and carbs. For instance, Gunning’s site provides an online calculator for finding macro amounts unique to each person and meal plans that ensure healthy eating. 

During her transformation, Gunning’s objectives changed from losing weight primarily to evolving lifestyles and gaining strength. She chose healthier foods by eliminating sugar, desserts, and chips, which resulted in a new perspective on food habits. This shift in outlook and eating behavior probably accounts for any poundage drop or maintenance Jessica Gunning may have achieved.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Jessica Gunning’s Weight Loss Journey?

What Are Some of The Benefits of Jessica Gunning's Weight Loss Journey

Jessica Gunning’s journey to weight loss has several benefits. Gunning’s approach focuses on tracking calories and macros, which enables people to understand the correlation between energy in and energy out needed for weight reduction and good body shape. 

Gunning’s ways are inventive and influential, emphasizing weight training workouts that stretch the body beyond its capabilities and strengthen all muscle groups. By doing away with sugar, treats, chips, etcetera, Gunning leans towards a wholesome dieting plan that facilitates the fat-burning process besides having general body fitness. 

Her system assists individuals in understanding the significance of macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbs) in keeping a healthy frame. With this type of exercise program by Gunning, one can achieve their fitness goals and find their way to being strong, healthy, and confident while holding onto a healthy calorie deficit for weight loss.


Has Jessica Gunning played characters who were concerned about their body sizes?

Yes, Jessica Gunning has performed a character whose weight was an issue within the narrative framework of What Remains.

What did Jessica Gunning do in What Remains?

She was the lead actress and acted as Melissa Young on the BBC drama What Remains.

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