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Jana Kramer Alleges That Her Pregnancy Test Has Been Faulty of Late

On the most current episode of her podcast, Jana Kramer disclosed that she had taken a pregnancy test and while it was much like her last experience upon finding out she was pregnant with Baby No. 3, there appeared a “slight slight line” on the test.

“Hey guys, so I have something to say,” said Kramer to co-hosts Kathryn Woodward and Kristen Brust as well as special guest Ava, Kramer’s niece of 17 years. “…So I took a pregnancy test…so I was late. …After counting later, ‘Oh no am going to be pregnant.’

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“So then I started freaking out,” Kramer continued remembering taking the test and seeing “a faint, faint — just like my first test — faint, faint line. …This is the story of how it happened with Roman, [Kramer’s Baby No. 3, her first with fiancé Allan Russell]. I had a faint little line and then boom! So, I’m like totally pregnant.”

On the contrary, however, the artist who does country music, writes books, acts, and is a presenter at Whine Down With Jana Kramer did not conceive. In her podcast, she even said, “That was just in.” I thought maybe I’d like another child.” If that is to happen it will be after me and Russell talk about it and say ‘yes’. She could see herself having one more daughter when she thought she might be pregnant again. Still, her age has caused her to hold back. She said “If I was younger I would’ve had another one right now,” and “If I was 38, I’d have another one.”

She gave birth to her third child, Roman James Russell, in November 2023. The couple revealed they were having a baby shortly after announcing their engagement. Roman is Kramer’s third child since she had Jolie (8) and Jace (5) in her previous marriage. Recently, Kramer confirmed that Jolie would be seen for the first time in a movie where she’ll be acting alongside her mom.

On this week’s Whine Down With Jana Kramer —alongside talking about the pregnancy test—Kramer discusses romance novels with The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown who tells us “EVERYTHING! Also, there MUST be some Bachelorette drama we can get into while she’s here. Hannah is finally ready to tell us what really went down between her and Jed on that very next day!”

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