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Lizzy Musi’s Sister Tricia: Another Star Racer in The Family

Street Outlaws is a reality TV show that showcases the thrill and danger of street racing, featuring some of the best racers in the game. One of its brightest stars was Lizzy Musi, daughter of the legendary Pat Musi, who tragically passed away after a battle with breast cancer.

Lizzy was known not just for her skills on the track, but also for her vibrant personality, which made her a beloved figure in the racing community.

Amidst the sorrow, fans are eager to learn more about Lizzy’s family, particularly her sister Tricia Musi. Like Lizzy, Tricia has carved out a name for herself in the racing world, carrying on the family legacy with pride and determination. Let’s take a closer look at Tricia Musi, Lizzy’s sister, and her journey in the high-octane world of street racing.

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Who is Tricia Musi? Meet Lizzy Musi’s Sister

Lizzy Musi's Sister Tricia

Tricia Musi, like her sister Lizzy, has made a significant mark in the world of professional racing. Following in the footsteps of their father, Pat Musi, Tricia has dedicated over two decades to perfecting her craft on the track.

According to her website, With an impressive career spanning 23 years, Tricia’s achievements include being named the 2019 NMCA Nitrous Pro Street World Champion. Recognized for her talent and hard work, she was also featured in Drag Illustrated’s 2020 “30 Under 30” list, highlighting her as one of the top young figures in the racing community.

In a 2020 interview, Tricia expressed her deep passion for drag racing, saying, “I love drag racing and I love everything about it. It’s the only thing I know. I try to push myself really, really hard. It feels great. To win the championship this year in my dad’s old car that he won championships in, it’s seriously a dream come true. I just want to keep going up.”

As of now, Tricia has not publicly commented on the passing of her sister Lizzy. Her most recent social media activity dates back to September 2017, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any updates from this talented racer.

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Did Lizzy Musi Have Children?

Following the tragic news of Lizzy Musi’s passing, many fans are curious about her personal life, specifically whether she had any children. Given Lizzy’s esteemed racing heritage, this question holds particular interest.

However, based on publicly available information, it appears that Lizzy Musi did not have any children. Despite her prominent public presence and success on the racing circuit, Lizzy kept her private life relatively low-key, leaving fans with little insight into this aspect of her life.


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