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Is Payton Talbott Gay? His Words “These Hands Are Bisexual”

Payton Talbott is an MMA fighter from the United States who competes in the Bantamweight Division of the UFC. He has a stellar record of 8-0-0, which translates to a 100% win ratio. Some of his notable highlights include his recent TKO victory over Cameroon Saaiman and a submission win against Nick Aguirre. 

In this comprehensive analysis, we will look at Payton Talbott’s life and reveal more about his sporting prowess, romantic escapades, and what transpires behind closed doors. Let’s now dig into this post to find out the past of this famous mixed martial artist.

Payton Talbott Quick Facts

NamePayton Talbott
DivisionBantamweight (135 lbs)
Height1.78 m
Weight61 kg
BirthdateSeptember 9, 1998 (25 years old)
TeamReno Academy of Combat
Reach1.79 m
MMA Record8-0-0
Wins by KO/TKO6
Wins by Submission1
Wins by Decision1
Significant Strikes Landed252 out of 464 attempted (54%)
Takedowns Landed2 out of unknown attempts
Titles Held2x KOTC amateur bantamweight champion, 3x A1 Combat bantamweight champion
EducationBachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Nevada Reno (2022)
Favorite TechniquesJab, rear naked choke, standing grappling
Favorite FightersMike Tyson, Charlie Z
Walkout SongPreviously “Be Quiet and Drive” by Deftones, undisclosed for UFC 303

Is Payton Talbott Gay?


Payton Talbott’s sexual orientation is not known for sure. Some social media posts and interviews suggest he might be gay, but the UFC fighter hasn’t confirmed this himself. It’s best to rely on trusted sources, not rumors. When more information becomes available about his sexuality, it will be shared.

Is Payton Talbott legit? Or are we glazing him too early?
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How Rumors Around His Sexual Orientation Begins?

Rumors about Payton Talbott’s sexual orientation have spread on social media and in MMA circles, but there’s no clear confirmation.

Key points:

  • Talbott tweeted, “These hands are bisexual,” which some saw as a hint about his sexuality.
  • MMA reporter Ariel Helwani asked Talbott a question that seemed to probe his interest in men, but Talbott didn’t give a direct answer.
  • A Twitter thread guessed about Talbott’s orientation, but this was just speculation.
  • A Reddit discussion about Talbott as a UFC prospect included comments about his personal life.

However, Payton Talbott has not publicly addressed his sexual orientation. We respect his privacy. 

Payton Talbott Dating Timeline


There’s no public information about Payton Talbott having a girlfriend or being in a romantic relationship. He keeps his personal life private and hasn’t addressed rumors about his sexual orientation. We don’t know if he’s dating anyone or who he might be involved with unless Talbott decides to share this information himself.

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Is Payton Talbott an LGBTQ+ ally?

Payton Talbott hasn’t publicly supported LGBTQ+ rights or causes. He hasn’t said anything about LGBTQ+ issues.

Has Payton Talbott’s sexuality been a topic of discussion in the media?

People have talked about Talbott’s sexuality, but he hasn’t addressed these discussions. The media doesn’t have any confirmed information about his sexual orientation.

Does Payton Talbott’s family or friends know his sexuality?

We don’t know if Talbott’s family or friends know about his sexuality. He hasn’t shared this information publicly.

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