First Dates' Star's Real-Life Romance Revealed

Love After First Sight? ‘First Dates’ Star’s Real-Life Romance Revealed!

Fred Sirieix has shared the mystery behind his happy relationship with his fiancée Fruitcake.

The man who helps set people up on dates on the show “First Dates” talked about how much he loves his girlfriend on a different show called “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”.

Fred has now explained why he feels grateful daily for their relationship. He co-hosts the show “The World Cook” with Emma Willis on Prime Video, and he says Fruitcake means a lot to him.

He said, “Our relationship is founded on Trust. And Trust is what matters most because real love cannot exist without it.” Another reason why our relationship is so unique is that we genuinely adore each other and have lots of fun together. 

We laugh at jokes all of the time. Whenever something happens, I always say, ‘Oh my God! I have got to call her first.’ She equally feels the same way.

When asked by New Magazine, Fred said, “Such a person is simply amazing to have in your life, someone that you feel too close to and like to tell everything.” 

He also told the magazine that he loves being romantic, showing that one time he took Fruitcake by surprise by taking her to Paris for a weekend.

“I love love. I trust in love. I believe in little things of love. To begin with, I think it’s my duty as a gentleman to be nice and sweet,” he noted. Suppose we are in disagreement or opposition. 

In that case, I will do everything I can to break the ice and start a constructive conversation to resolve our differences and move forward.

Since 2018, Fred has always been open about his relationship with Fruitcake. However, regarding her name and occupation, the couple never went public.

Alex Spendolini was Fred’s girlfriend before Fruitcake. Lucien is their son, while Andrea is their daughter; they have two children in total.

Fred proposed to Fruitcake in March 2020, and they were scheduled to marry in 2021, but due to COVID-19 regulations, they had to move the wedding date. Although the couple remains unmarried, they have plans to hold a ceremony in Jamaica.

Fred returned on TV with another season of The World Cook alongside Emma and judge Atul Kochhar, a chef who won two Michelin Stars, and Crystelle Pereira as runner-up at The Great British Bake Off. 

A Prime Video series where 16 people compete against each other to win a restaurant called ‘Winner’ at TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park Hotel.

The winner will also be involved in creating a menu for the restaurant. “Get ready for exciting showdowns, superior culinary skills, and an amazing sensorial experience!” exclaimed Fred.

It’s season two, and the heat is on in the kitchen. The cooking has surprised me – this is top-notch stuff. It’s like the Olympics of cook-offs; only one can win.

Emma Willis added, “I’m so happy to be back hosting Season 2 of The World Cook.” This season will be an intensely competitive affair with dishes from every corner of the globe and cliff-hanging moments. It’s a delectable food journey that will leave viewers wanting more!

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