Argentine President Javier Milei announces end of ‘explosive’ relationship with actress Fatima Florez

The Argentine President, Javier Milei declares the end of his ‘explosive’ affair with actress Fatima Florez

The populist leader, Javier Milei, announced the end of his relationship with actress Fátima Flórez, citing the strain of their conflicting schedules. Milei, 53, blamed Flórez’s professional success and numerous job offers in the United States and Europe, combined with the demands of his political role in Argentina, for making it impossible for them to maintain their relationship as a couple.

Despite their love and mutual respect, Milei and Flórez have decided to end their relationship and maintain a friendship. The announcement came just days after the two were seen leaving a synagogue together in southern Florida, with no prior indication of any strain on their relationship.

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Steamy Relationship and Public Affection

In the past, Milei and Flórez had repeatedly bragged to local news outlets about their active sex life, with Milei expressing his deep love for the actress and describing their relationship as “exotic.” Flórez, on the other hand, had said she was “really hooked on Javier” and that they were “close, explosive, explosive” even when apart.

Maintaining a Friendship After the Split

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Milei and Flórez have decided to maintain a bond of friendship, citing their strong feelings and mutual love, respect, and admiration for each other.

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