was howard rollins gay

Was Howard Rollins Gay? Like To Wear Skirts, Stockings, and Even Women’s Coats

Was Howard Rollins gay? Howard Rollins was a fantastic actor famous for playing Virgil Tibbs in the TV show “In the Heat of the Night.” He had a varied career, including stage performances, a role on TV that earned him an Emmy nomination, and even a shot at an Oscar. 

However, people want to know more about his personal life: “Was Howard Rollins gay?” 

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Was Howard Rollins Gay?

It wasn’t a big secret anymore that Howard liked to dress up as a woman when he was away from his usual crowd. But despite this coming out later on, Howard never openly talked about his sexual orientation. 

It was only told later that he enjoyed dressing in women’s clothes. Now, he’s made a detailed request to be buried wearing women’s clothing. This might suggest he’s gay, but it’s not definite.

Speculations of Howard Rollins’s Sexual Orientation

Speculations of Howard Rollins's Sexual Orientation

You know, a lot of people didn’t realize that Howard Rollins had a secret life. While everyone was busy wondering if he was married, this actor was actually up to something quite interesting.

After he passed away, it came out that Howard enjoyed dressing up as a woman. It was his close friends and neighbors who shared this during an interview with GLOBE back on December 24, 1996.

Howard really liked showing off his new outfits, mainly during the winter. He’d wear skirts, stockings, and even women’s coats! 

He would dress up as a woman and go to clubs to meet men.

His friends and neighbors said that dressing up like a woman made Howard feel better. 

They also said that he had a special name for his feminine side – he called himself Tooraloora Goldfarb. He wanted everyone to call him Tooraloora when he was dressed up.

Was Howard Rollins Married?

Was Howard Rollins Married

According to the sources, it appears that Howard Rollins Jr. did not wed nor have any kids. There is no public record of him ever being involved in a love affair with any woman. 

For instance, he developed a good camaraderie with actress Anne-Marie Johnson, playing his on-screen wife on the TV series “In the Heat of the Night”. 

The collaboration was just work-related. Importantly, it should be noted that Howard Rollins was quite reserved about his private life for most of the time.

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Was Howard Rollins gay?

People say Howard Rollins might have been gay, but he never said so himself.

Did Howard Rollins ever marry or have children?

No, Howard Rollins was not married and didn’t have kids.

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