Torrey DeVitto Moves On in Steamy New Romance

Torrey DeVitto Moves On in Steamy New Romance

New couple alert! Torrey DeVitto shared that she’s dating David Ross, a relationship she seems very happy about.

“Love him a lot,” wrote Chicago Med star DeVitto, 36, via Instagram on Saturday, May 8. Next to her words was a black and white picture of her kissing the Dancing With the Stars famous person Ross on his cheek.

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She also called Ross her “boyfriend” in an Instagram comment on a new selfie picture. In that same post, she drew a heart shape around his head.

“This weekend, my boyfriend’s team played in Cincinnati!” DeVitto wrote. “The river walk was pretty! Loved it!”

Mates and fans were keen to share their excitement for the new pair.

“Oh well, look at that…Home Run!” actress Margaret Colin commented on the photo. “Omg, this makes me SO happy! My family adores him.” Rachel Melvin said.

The latest news is that a New York-born guy named Will Estes had been seeing her.

Their breakup was never made public, but they both removed all pictures of each other from social media. The Vampire Diaries star and Blue Bloods actor shared their relationship in October 2020.

“We don’t talk much about our actions or make plans. So, I am trying to say this without giving out much, but it’s amazing,” DeVitto told Us Weekly.

On the other hand, the former baseball player is Hyla Ross’s ex-husband. They married in 2005 and have three kids together: Cole, Landri, and Harper. David confirmed his divorce was final in February 2020 during an interview with Chicago Times.

Last Fall, she told “Us” that any man who comes into her life must care about fighting for human rights.

“There’s no way I could connect with someone who had no interest in charity or the wellbeing of humanity using their kindness,” she said. It feels like we’re at such a strong point that if you can watch any affair on Earth involving humans or animals, I’d struggle to find something in common with you.

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